Q&A: The term “family tree”…?

Question by Snowflake: The term “family tree”…?
Does the term “family tree” translate into other languages or is it strictly an English term? I am making a website that will be accessed by people other than English speakers, and want to use an image of a tree on the site to represent the family tree. Will this be understood as a symbol of genealogy, or will they just think it is a random picture of a tree?

I am specifically referring to Hungarians, Ukrainians, and Slovakians.

I DON’T need a translation of the term family tree…

I want to know if other languages/cultures would understand the picture of a tree representing genealogy (i.e. family tree). I know someone out there must understand what I’m talking about…

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Answer by M. P
I think its just a saying.

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Q&A: how do you write ” krisha’s family tree” in spanish?

Question by :) : how do you write ” krisha’s family tree” in spanish?
i have make a family tree as a project for spanish class.

would it be ” el arbol familia de krisha ” ???

i need answers quick so please help!

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Answer by TheDom
No, its el arbol de la famila de krisha

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Family Tree Season 1: Episode 3 Clip – Uplifting Tragedy

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