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Vegas Seven
Downtown's Family Search Library a Trove of Genealogical Information
Vegas Seven
The Mormon church boasts one of the largest genealogical databases in the world. Anyone, regardless of religion, can access records dating back centuries via the church's website and research centers throughout the country. If you're …

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Venice – The Family Tree

Live at the Royal CarrĂ© theatre in Amsterdam – DVD is available at!!!
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Q&A: The term “family tree”…?

Question by Snowflake: The term “family tree”…?
Does the term “family tree” translate into other languages or is it strictly an English term? I am making a website that will be accessed by people other than English speakers, and want to use an image of a tree on the site to represent the family tree. Will this be understood as a symbol of genealogy, or will they just think it is a random picture of a tree?

I am specifically referring to Hungarians, Ukrainians, and Slovakians.

I DON’T need a translation of the term family tree…

I want to know if other languages/cultures would understand the picture of a tree representing genealogy (i.e. family tree). I know someone out there must understand what I’m talking about…

Best answer:

Answer by M. P
I think its just a saying.

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